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Stars & Stripes

Stars & Stripes

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The three videos above were created and edited by me as personal art projects. (Commercial work starts below.)

Holland America: Why We Sail

Holland America: Carefully Crafted 

Seattle Children's Immunotherapy

Strong Against Cancer


A new organization is curing childhood cancer. 

Premera Blue Cross


Commerical promoting Premera as the trusted choice for those who are choosing a new health plan under the Affordable Healthcare Act.

T-Mobile Monthly 4G


Commercial for T-Mobile's prepaid wireless, Monthly 4G, which won't slow you down.

Symetra Financial


Commercial showing how Symetra helps comsumers fly.

NBA Sponsorship Animation


Case study video that explains how Publicis adeptly handled the NBA T-Mobile sponsorship. (I designed and storyboarded the animation.)

One Mind


This informational video, narrated by Tom Skerritt, tells the story of a non-profit that wants to cure all brain-related afflictions.

Russell Wilson for Strong Againt Cancer

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