A Year Without Creative Constraints

January 3, 2014

A True New Year

The new year means a little more to me this time around. I quit my job. I quit my job without anything else lined up—without knowing what I was going to do next. And that was the point.


My background is in graphic design and advertising. I love what I do. Designing makes me happy. Advertising is fun. But you know what they say about advertising sucking your soul…well, there might be something to it. Or maybe it's just the same with every job.


Nagging Oneself

A general malaise was eating away at me. I couldn't shake that feeling that life had more to offer. The bottom line was: I was having better ideas outside of work than during my nine-to-five. (And no my job hours weren't that insanely reasonable, but pretty darn close.) That's when I knew it was time to change. A creative mind, analytical by nature, has an impulse to solve problems. And every once in a while, this bleeds into our personal life.


I started asking myself: What would happen if I had the time to really be creative? Could I be doing something more meaningful with my life? Does graphic design play a role in fine art? How can design change our world for the better?


The Experiment

And so my personal experiment begins. January 2014 marks the beginning of a freedom test. Freedom from life's routines. Freedom from creative constraint. 


What will it be like? What do you do with total creative freedom and no structure? Where do you start? Will this newfound freedom will be a shortcut to a better life?


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A Year Without Creative Constraints

January 3, 2014

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This blog documents my experiment of quitting a good job to see what else the world has to offer. Will I end up enlightened or homeless?

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