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Ballpark Branding



Ballpark wanted to transition from targeting famililes to men. This bold masculine look, with slab serif typography and stylized photography, created a guy-centric look. 

The reinvention of the brand earned a silver Effie in 2013.

Mobius Infused Lager


Mobius was my first ‘design baby,’ I was given full creative freedom and the chance to launch the world’s first “energy beer”. It was 2005. To differentiate from Red Bull and Sparks, I used bright green to represent energy and black to represent the endless night. (Many years later, Monster Energy Drink would use the same color palette.) Bursting rays were screenprinted on the back of the bottle, appearing magnified by the liquid to reinforce the idea of “everlasting energy”.



One Mind Identity Design


One Mind is a non-profit that aims to cure all brain-related afflictions—everything from brain trauma to Alzheimer's to depression. These six words below inspired the identity design.


The logo uses a Mobius strip to symbolizes the intelligence of the One Mind community and the importance of active and continual learning.


The circular shape contains gentle curves and warm color gradients, communicating a sense of compassion that complements the logo’s strength.



The logo’s strong geometry and bold typography reflect OM's steadfast determination to improve the way society researches and treats brain disease.




The color yellow evokes immediacy while the white delta shape within the yellow circle is a symbol of change.


The circular shape suggests One Mind’s all-encompassing vision for brain research—the desire to cure all brain disease.


One Mind Brochure
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